NEW! LockOnDemand - LockOnDemand protects your folders from prying eyes.  Lock your folders so they can only be accessed with the proper password.  Locked folder can not be accessed from DOS Prompt, Safe Mode, or Network Locations.  Even System Administrators can not access folders protected with LockOnDemand.  Additional features such as AutoPrompting for a password, AutoLocking protected folders, 256 bit encryption and Secure Deletion of folder and files all make LockOnDemand a must have tool to protect your sensitive files.

Click Here to review the LockOnDemand Help File and learn about all the features of LockOnDemand.

After several months of development and extensive testing LockOnDemand is now entering a public Beta period.  Currently LockOnDemand is supported on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Window XP, and Windows 2003.  If you would like to try LockOnDemand, please send a email to and we will send you a link to the current Beta Release.  Those users who provide a reasonable level of feedback will be entitled to free license once the Beta period ends.

 BackupOnDemand 2.7

Recent Update: FTP Support - Backup your data to any FTP site, or backup a FTP site to your local system or networked drive.  

Recent Update: DVD Support - We have added support for backing up your data to DVD.  Now backup your data to DVD+R/W, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-R/W, and DVD-RAM formats without any additional software.  

BackupOnDemand automatically makes backups of you important files within seconds of changing. With support for hard drive, floppy drive, CDR/CDRW/DVD, across your local network or over the internet to a FTP site you can choose the backup medium most convenient to you.

BackupOnDemand also includes a built-in Open File Manager (OFM).  With the OFM you can backup all open files, even those files most other backup programs can't touch.

Click here for more details on how BackupOnDemand can solve your backup needs.



 SyncOnDemand 2.7

Recent Update: FTP Support - Synchronize local files to a FTP site, or ensure you always have an up to the minute copy of your website on your local system, either way it is a snap with the new built-in FTP support. 

With SyncOnDemand You have the ability to automatically synchronize files within seconds of changing, or schedule synchronizations at a time most convenient for you. Sync files between directories, hard drives, floppy drives, or across the network or over the internet.

SyncOnDemand also offers two-way synchronizations.  Now if files changes occur in either location, they can be reflected in the other directory.  You can also configure SyncOnDemand to backup affected files, and to show a preview of what actions SyncOnDemand is about to take.  

For more information on SyncOnDemand, or to download a free 30 day trial copy click here.
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